New Appointments at ADRA International

Dear Colleagues,
I am very pleased to announce the appointment of two new colleagues that will join our ADRA International family, filling two bureauchief positions currently vacant.
Thierry Van Bignoot will join ADRA as bureau chief for emergency management. Thierry will oversee the funding of emergency responses by our office as well as the coordination of the network to implement short-term relief and long-term rehabilitation projects.
Thierry has a long history with ADRA serving in various countries and capacities in Asia and Africa. Thierry’s global development experience, fluency in multiple languages, and experience coordinating responses to mega-emergencies in Haiti and Myanmar, will further strengthenADRA and it’s mission.
Michael Harris will fill the position of bureau chief for human resources. In this position Michael will not only oversee the hiring of new ADRA staff, but the professional nurture of HQ staff, professional development around the network through the APLI, as well as staff security.
Michael currently serves as director of the masters of divinity program at Andrews University. He has many years of experience in coordinating educational and professional development programs and 13 years of international service in the Adventist educational system in Africa. I see his experience and skills as a vital part of our way forward, as ADRA’s staff continually seeks to grow professionally.
I am very pleased that these two dedicated, Christian professionals will be joining our ADRA family. While the appointments are effective immediately, their calls to join our ADRA family must navigate through the church system. We will keep you posted as we know more about their imminent arrival. I have no doubt that their experience and expertise will continue to strengthen our global mission of compassion.
Dr. Rudi Maier
President ADRA International


Pakistan Kit Distribution--Story of Human Interest for PR

This is the story of Zareena, 55 years old, the wife of Khursheed (that's the way the introduce themselves here in the villages); she is from Ghurmani Sharqi Village, District Muzaffargarh, the Punjab. They have four children and live a poverty-stricekn and much tougher life in the aftermath of July's floods that hit their village. Her husband struggles to earn a living by working as a day-laborer in Ada Ghurmani, a nearby village. They used to live in a two-room adobe Punajbi house. When the deluge hit, the entire village was washed away, including her house. "We used to be better off before the flood. We had the cows and the goats...but they were taken by the waters...and we're left with a patch of land and a pile of rubbles" said sobbingly Zareena while grabbing ADRA's hygienic kit. "The blankets will keep us warm at least...soap is good.." she mutters as she stagers along with the kit.
This is just one story we took the time to write it down during a massive distribution operation. Many a people carrying the kits tagged with ADRA's logo, the German flag and the words " A Gift from the German People" most probably shared a similar fate as Zareena. Yet the people in the flood affected areas seem resilient and determined to rebuild their lives.
Alex Balint


2nd ADRA Shop in Germany

Liebe Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter,
wir freuen uns euch die Gute Nachricht von der Eröffnung unseres 2. ADRA Shops anzuzeigen.
Hier der Link zur Homepage und Film.
Erich Lischek


Video ADRA France

Chers amis,

Je suis ravie d’annoncer que notre vidéo 2010 est enfin prête ! Vous pouvez la visualiser grâce à ce lien :


Un TRES GRAND merci à tous ceux qui ont participé à ce projet…

Les équipes d’ADRA Paris-Sud et d’ADRA Neuilly, ADRA Allemagne, Perpétuo, Christophe, Max&Roseny, Iorii, Evelyne, Marijo, la M2E, Dolson, Tito et Cédrick: MERCI.
Merci aussi à Françoise, à Sylvie et à Monique qui feront les envois aux églises/donateurs.

Et des remerciements particuliers à Fred Leduc pour le montage…

Brina Leroux
ADRA France


Rebecca de Graaff

Dear all,

We are sad to inform you that at the end of November Rebecca de Graaff left ADRA Afghanistan. We would like to thank her especially for her services and her efforts for the PPG Project in the Highlands of Afghanistan. We wish you all the best, health and strength, God's guidance and His richest blessings.

Rebecca worked about 14 hours away from Kabul, in Panjab. She was the Project Director and during the winter months she was the only foreign people working for an NGO who stayed with the local people. Rebecca was involved to build up a hospital, 9 clinics, over 100 health stations; she did the capacity building for the local staff and gave education in health matters. She was responsible for the immunization and for distributing the medicine to the people.

Thank also to Vinod, George, Saman and the rest of the crew for your effort to make this important project a success.

Warm regards and God bless
Joerg and Marina

APLI 2010

Dear Colleagues,

This year’s APLI sessions will have different formats from what we are accustomed to in the past. We will not have the three site sessions as we had in the past four years. We would like to offer courses in the future on a needs basis. We are revising our curriculum to make it more practical, more interactive, truly capacity building.

For 2010 we are envisioning a concentration on a different focus for the training of some of our staff through the delivery of MOWs and seminars focusing in leadership and other specific topics that are being identified right now.

In the future courses should have three components; component one will be an overview of facts and figures, where knowledge and understanding is given. This could be a self-directed study. We are currently reviewing options for the most adequate format. Some will be online, others through written material sent, etc; People who have passed tests, assignments and exams will be accepted to component two, which should be in a more traditional face to face setting but go deeper into the subject through application, analysis and synthesis. In some cases we will have a third component which can be in any given format such as seminars, sharing of experiences, best practices, maybe even apprentice type of learning from an expert, etc. We are open for ideas.

To identify the needs in different regions, countries, we will need the input from all country directors and regional directors if possible. To that effect I am preparing a questionnaire to identify the needs and recommendations, this tool will be sent to you shortly.
APLI was established to provide our organization worldwide with a coordinated approach to professional development and network capacity building. APLI is designed to provide ADRA staff with multiple professional training opportunities. “To strengthen staff in ADRA network offices to the highest technical and professional standards and provide ADRA with a recognized leadership position among international NGOs.” (APLI 2001-2005, Discussion Paper, June, 2000).Through APLI we hope to achieve ADRA International Human Resource Strategic Plan, February, 2001; “To ensure that ADRA International network offices are staffed with well-trained and competent personnel who consistently design, implement and manage humanitarian projects that exceed professional standards, as measured by established benchmark competencies”. To achieve these goals we need to offer a more rigorous, targeted training program.
I need your input and thoughts. I also hope that we can start identifying training needs in different areas so we can start putting programs in place. PLEASE PASS THIS E-MAIL ON TO YOUR COUNTRY DIRECTORS AND OTHERS WHO NEED TO KNOW ABOUT APLI.
Thank you for your cooperation and I pray that 2010 will be a good year for you personally and also for ADRA as a whole.
God bless

Herbert Eisele
Director for HR Development
ADRA International


Chèque pour ADRA Luxembourg

Depuis quelques années nous travaillons ensemble avec l’association
des « Femmes et Jeunes Mamans » de Wiltz. Plusieurs fois ils ont déjà
organisé des collectes de vêtements et vendredi 27 novembre 2009 ils nous
avaient invité a leur Assemblée Générale. Nous avons eu l’occasion de
présenter ADRA par des images. A la fin ils ont fait une remise d’un chèque
de 3000 Euro pour notre action « Un cadeau pour des orphelins en Albanie »
Cette cérémonie ce faisait en présence des autorités de la ville et du doyen
de l’Eglise catholique responsable pour le secteur du nord du pays.

Salutations amicales
Paul Junker


ADRA France Video

Chers amis,

Nous sommes très heureux de partager avec vous notre vidéo promotionnelle 2009-2010 :


Encore tous nos remerciements à Claudia et à Rafael qui nous ont fait la version française de cette chanson bénévolement.

ADRA France


Lynn's last article on the ADRA France blog

Hi everyone,

I just thought some of you especially those who got to meet Lynn during her year with me at ADRA France would enjoy reading her last entry in our "ADRA Journal" blog: journaladra.blogspot.com

As most of you know, Lynn spent 10 weeks at ADRA Burkina Faso last spring, and she recounts those experiences in our blog.

I found her "reflections" article to be very moving it reminded me of my own reaction and motivation after my first experience in Africa so I just had to share.

Our next series on the blog will be done by a volunteer that we just sent to ADRA Niger. We'll try to keep the blog bilingual if we can!

Warm regards,
Brina Leroux

Country Director Changes in Austria and Morocco

Dear Colleagues,
I would like to announce that Marcel Wagner’s contract as Country Director of ADRA Morocco will end 15 November 2009.
Marcel and Corinna have accepted a call to Austria. Marcel will be the new Country Director of ADRA Austria starting 16 November 2009.
I would like to thank Marcel and Corinna for their valuable services in Morocco. At the same time I want to wish them much joy, success and God’s richest blessings for their services in Austria. I am happy that Wagners will continue to work for a country office within the EUD.
The position in Morocco is still vacant but I am confident that by the beginning of next year we will have a solution for the ADRA Morocco office.
Kind regards
Joerg Fehr, Executive director, ADRA Euro-Africa Division

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