New Finance Director in ADRA Denmark

Dear Friends and Colleagues

I am happy to introduce to you the new finance director of ADRA Denmark. It is a lady at her best age, with lots of very relevant experience, which will be welcomed in ADRA Denmark. Anne-Grete Gjerløff begins in ADRA Denmark Monday the 23rd of March. Anne-Grete comes with very good recommendation from her former employment in a Danish Nature preservation organization (Dansk Naturfredningsforening). This is a somewhat larger organization than ADRA Denmark as Anne-Grete was the director of a finance department with 8 employees.

Sometimes when you hire an experienced finance director, you may fear that he/she has forgotten how to work, as they have been in management for too long. You may also fear that the basics are forgotten. However, Anne-Grete assures us, that this is not the case for her. Anne-Grete is looking forward to take up the task, and as expressed. “I will come dressed for work.”

Anne-Grete not only has a lot of work experience in all aspects within the finance department, but she comes as a registered auditor, with experience and training in team- and leadership for change, human resource management, coaching capacity and all the necessary legal knowhow.

Our Finance department, who has done a tremendous work without a director, have been looking forward to have Anne-Grete take up her position in their office. The rest of us are also welcoming Anne-Grete to ADRA Denmark

Lehnart Falk
Secretary General
ADRA Denmark

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