Success Story from ADRA Morocco

Last week in March we have started with the social education program for 100 children from age 12 to 15.
Out of 1675 children, they where selected by the director to attend this program being at high risk of drop out of the school. Initially I suggested that ADRA will design the curriculum and train teachers who will then teach the children but the Director insisted that ADRA teaches direct. So we accepted to start ourselves, gain first hand experience and experiment. The lessons include team building, communication, awareness, personal development, health and hygiene. After the first hour the kids didn’t want to leave the classroom, but continue. The lesson are taught in French/ German, and translated in Arab by one of our members who got good access to the children from the beginning.
This pilot project aims to reduce the drop out rate firstly, and then addresses the needs of the children, already in the street and later on the program ought to include also working with their parents.

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