Inauguration ADRA Germany

Dear all,

this is an article (unfortunately only in German) which was posted in the "Darmstädter" Newspaper about the inauguration of the new building of ADRA Germany.

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New born baby

Dear all,

We are happy to annouce the birth of the daughter from Jovitta and Vinod Nelson (Country Director ADRA Afghanistan). THeir daughter was born on 1st of June, 2009.

We would like to congratulate the proud parents and we pray that God will give you much joy as you are going to raise this most precious gift. We wish you God’s wisdom and patience and God’s richest blessings.

With warm regards,
Joerg and Marina

"When God wants something special done
in this world...
He sends a baby and then...
He waits."
Author Unknown

New Country Director ADRA Romania

Dear Colleagues,

ADRA EUD would like to welcome Sorin Goleanu as new Country Director of ADRA Romania. We wish Sorin and his team much success, God’s guidance and richest blessings as he is going to serve the people in need. You can contact him through director@adra.ro.

At the same time, we want to express our gratitude towards Cornel Roman. We are thankful for what he was doing for ADRA and we wish him and his family much joy, happiness, all the best for the future and my God continue to lead and guide you.

Kind regards,
Marina and Joerg


ADRA Romania has inaugurated the new Center for Victims of Family Violence

ADRA Romania Director, Mr. Cornel Roman, the President of National Agency for Family Protection, Mrs. Mihaela Mostavi and the together with Mr. Nelu Burcea , Director of Communication of Romania Adventist Church of Seventh Day have officially inaugurated, along with guests present at the event, the new Emergency Reception Center for Victims of Family Violence from Ilfov County. The Accreditation Commission of Providers of Social Services of Bucharest City has accredited the new social service in 12 March 2009 and it represents a new and essential component of portfolio of social projects at ADRA Romania.

The Centre “ADRA House” (Casa ADRA) is located in Ilfov County and it has 10 rooms with a capacity of hosting 24 people, a reception office, and a counselling office for beneficiaries. The Centre offers social and legal services to residents from any county as well as psychological counselling.

“According to statistics the family violence is increasingly frequent. This shelter is a first step in helping victims of such events. The affected people will receive hosting and complex recovery services for 60 days. Also, we’ll offer them a real chance for a new start in life: we’ll try getting a job, psychological and legal support and a frame of exceptional natural for these women and for their children who are very often collateral victims” has declared Mr. Roman Cornel, Director of ADRA Romania.

Despite legislation and punctual campaigns, the phenomenon of domestic violence is increasingly visible. According to statistics, last year Romania recorded over 11.500 cases of domestic violence, a woman being killed by husband, brother, or father in every week. Thus in Romania 150 people died after aggression perpetrated in family just in 2008. Although statistics worries, social experts warn that this is just the iceberg peak, the reality being more tragic and many cases are not denounced because of cultural reasons or fear.

On the occasion of inauguration and signing the protocol of collaboration, The President of National Agency for Family Protection, Mrs. Mostavi congratulated ADRA Romania “for the quality and comfort of shelter and also for supporting the full costs of project. In addition, I appreciate the large number of beneficiaries you have had in mind when you think to realize this shelter because Bucharest is lacking in this area”.

ADRA Romania conducted humanitarian activities in the whole country, being a social services provider by accreditation for “The Centre for Counseling and Support for Victims of Natural Disasters” and for “The Centre for Information and Counseling for People in Need”. Since November 2003, ADRA Romania is member of “Federation of non-governmental organizations for child protection” from our country.

For more information, we kindly ask you to visit our web page: http://www.adra.ro/ , or to contact us at office@adra.ro .
The Press Office of ADRA Romania

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