ADRA Tunisia - Story of Human Interest

While visiting our projects with Jörg Fehr, we were offered tree times a light meal with natural home products (honey, bread, sour milk, pieces of meat, water melons,…) but far away out in the mountains we were invited to share food, a full meal this time, a “couscous”. In the same morning, in the frame of 3 hours we had to ingest 4 meals! Hager’s tactic is to take a small amount of food and eat very slowly, so it lasts up to the end of meal period and our hosts are happy to see that she has enjoyed their food!
This fourth meal was served in a family of 9 children (7 boys and 2 girls). 1 boy is married and lives in another place. The only source of cash income is given by one of the boy who hires himself for odd works here and there from time to time when there are some agriculture tasks or building sites. The family father is an old man. We could think he is the children’s grandfather! The “family’s soul” is Zinna.
Zinna is working hard with all her heart for her parents and siblings.
She is a beneficiary of the “Seamstresses” project. She has started now to her satisfaction to have clients and so to earn some money.
She received 4 sheep (3 gravid females and a male) from the left over of our Cow Breeding I project. The 3 delivered, but one lamb died. So the family has meat and potential cash through the sale of sheep.
2 of her brothers will be supported by our project “Support to University Students”. They are good students and deserved help for their future.
There are no beds for this family. They all sleep on thin mattresses on the floor and they are threatened by scorpions! We decided with Mr. Rachid who was visiting them with us to help them: ADRA Tunisia provides bed structures; Mr. Rachid’s office provides mattresses and bed sheets.
It is for us a reward to see that through synergic efforts a family - thanks are to a dedicated young lady – can begin to see more light in their life.

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