APLI 2010

Dear Colleagues,

It is unbelievable, but this year is slowly drawing to a close. Driving to work I can see the colors of the leaves changing and I leave home before sunrise, an indication of winter coming soon. I know, for many of you the opposite is true, summer is approaching. I do pray that the rest of the year will be excellent.

I am in the process of planning for next year’s, 2010 which APLI classes. APLI is capacity building driven and to serve you best I need your input. You know which classes would benefit your office best. So please help me in deciding which classes to offer for 2010. Whatever classes are needed most will be offered.

Following is a list of classes available. Please indicate which classes you would like to see offered in your region and approximately how many individuals you would like to send.

Once I receive your input, I will make a schedule and let you know of time and place. Traditionally we have taught one in Africa, Nairobi, one in Asia, Bangkok or Chiang Mai, and one in the Americas, either Central or South America. Again, these venues are negotiable, if you have good alternatives please let me know.


Herbert Eisele
Director for HR Development
ADRA International

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