Rebecca de Graaff

Dear all,

We are sad to inform you that at the end of November Rebecca de Graaff left ADRA Afghanistan. We would like to thank her especially for her services and her efforts for the PPG Project in the Highlands of Afghanistan. We wish you all the best, health and strength, God's guidance and His richest blessings.

Rebecca worked about 14 hours away from Kabul, in Panjab. She was the Project Director and during the winter months she was the only foreign people working for an NGO who stayed with the local people. Rebecca was involved to build up a hospital, 9 clinics, over 100 health stations; she did the capacity building for the local staff and gave education in health matters. She was responsible for the immunization and for distributing the medicine to the people.

Thank also to Vinod, George, Saman and the rest of the crew for your effort to make this important project a success.

Warm regards and God bless
Joerg and Marina

APLI 2010

Dear Colleagues,

This year’s APLI sessions will have different formats from what we are accustomed to in the past. We will not have the three site sessions as we had in the past four years. We would like to offer courses in the future on a needs basis. We are revising our curriculum to make it more practical, more interactive, truly capacity building.

For 2010 we are envisioning a concentration on a different focus for the training of some of our staff through the delivery of MOWs and seminars focusing in leadership and other specific topics that are being identified right now.

In the future courses should have three components; component one will be an overview of facts and figures, where knowledge and understanding is given. This could be a self-directed study. We are currently reviewing options for the most adequate format. Some will be online, others through written material sent, etc; People who have passed tests, assignments and exams will be accepted to component two, which should be in a more traditional face to face setting but go deeper into the subject through application, analysis and synthesis. In some cases we will have a third component which can be in any given format such as seminars, sharing of experiences, best practices, maybe even apprentice type of learning from an expert, etc. We are open for ideas.

To identify the needs in different regions, countries, we will need the input from all country directors and regional directors if possible. To that effect I am preparing a questionnaire to identify the needs and recommendations, this tool will be sent to you shortly.
APLI was established to provide our organization worldwide with a coordinated approach to professional development and network capacity building. APLI is designed to provide ADRA staff with multiple professional training opportunities. “To strengthen staff in ADRA network offices to the highest technical and professional standards and provide ADRA with a recognized leadership position among international NGOs.” (APLI 2001-2005, Discussion Paper, June, 2000).Through APLI we hope to achieve ADRA International Human Resource Strategic Plan, February, 2001; “To ensure that ADRA International network offices are staffed with well-trained and competent personnel who consistently design, implement and manage humanitarian projects that exceed professional standards, as measured by established benchmark competencies”. To achieve these goals we need to offer a more rigorous, targeted training program.
I need your input and thoughts. I also hope that we can start identifying training needs in different areas so we can start putting programs in place. PLEASE PASS THIS E-MAIL ON TO YOUR COUNTRY DIRECTORS AND OTHERS WHO NEED TO KNOW ABOUT APLI.
Thank you for your cooperation and I pray that 2010 will be a good year for you personally and also for ADRA as a whole.
God bless

Herbert Eisele
Director for HR Development
ADRA International

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