Pakistan Kit Distribution--Story of Human Interest for PR

This is the story of Zareena, 55 years old, the wife of Khursheed (that's the way the introduce themselves here in the villages); she is from Ghurmani Sharqi Village, District Muzaffargarh, the Punjab. They have four children and live a poverty-stricekn and much tougher life in the aftermath of July's floods that hit their village. Her husband struggles to earn a living by working as a day-laborer in Ada Ghurmani, a nearby village. They used to live in a two-room adobe Punajbi house. When the deluge hit, the entire village was washed away, including her house. "We used to be better off before the flood. We had the cows and the goats...but they were taken by the waters...and we're left with a patch of land and a pile of rubbles" said sobbingly Zareena while grabbing ADRA's hygienic kit. "The blankets will keep us warm at least...soap is good.." she mutters as she stagers along with the kit.
This is just one story we took the time to write it down during a massive distribution operation. Many a people carrying the kits tagged with ADRA's logo, the German flag and the words " A Gift from the German People" most probably shared a similar fate as Zareena. Yet the people in the flood affected areas seem resilient and determined to rebuild their lives.
Alex Balint

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